Here in the manifesto of the You know it makes sense party:

  • All drivers who use the middle lane of the motorway when there in the far left lane will be shot on sight. Snipers on bridges is the only solution. This will mean no motorway will need increasing to 4 lanes (which, let’s face it, would only mean 2 lanes empty anyway), so the savings could be used to re-privatise the railway so we have a working and efficient alternative transport system
  • Any TV executive putting forward any program that is clearly a derivative of an existing show purely as an excuse for cheap thoughtless scheduling will be summarily sacked. One reality TV program (but see below), one cookery program and one gardening show is enough for anyone. Copying existing ideas is not clever, it’s lazy.
  • Any and all reality TV shows are to end. Immediately. No exceptions. I don’t want The Farm, Celebrity F**k Island or The Monastery. I don’t want Big Brother. Or Little Brother or any other size-challenged relative. I want GOOD TV. Not crap that’s just on TV so subhumans can oggle on the off chance of seeing “celebs” shag. It’s bad TV at it’s worst, and deserves to die with shame, along with those who made it, and those who watch it. Get a life.
  • The phrase “State of the Art” is to be banned from use with immediate effect. No exceptions
  • Any and all blogs written by anyone who is:
    • Overtly Christian
    • In Marketing (apart from Marketing Comet, who is a nice guy)
    • A believer in the 5 step plan to wholeness of body and well-being (buy my book now (TM))

will be stripped down to their component bytes and run over by a large truck containing an electro magnet. You are all embarrassments to your species.

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