2005-10-27 Opinion: I'm going to break a few of my self-laid-down-laws today, so bear with me – there's a reason to all . . .

I’m going to break a few of my self-laid-down-laws today, so bear with me – there’s a reason to all this. Firstly, this is going to sound preachy. I don’t do preachy as a rule. Secondly, I’m going to recommend that you go somewhere else. Not once, but twice. Again, there’s a reason. I’ll come to that in a mo’. I’m also going to use the “I” word a lot. Selfish, I know. But it’s only for one post. Won’t happen again, promise. Maybe. :)

First off, take a look under Blog of the Day to the right. That’s a link through to the SPG Diaries. nice place to visit. Take a second to click through and say hi from me.

Done that? Good. Welcome back! On to the next base now. I hate marketing blogs with a passion. They are parasitic, evil, perversions of what blogging is all about. They are nothing more than opportunistic tools misused by businesses that deserve to rot in hell for their abuse of the technology we have been blessed with. Which is precisely the reason why I am going to say seven Hail Marys for recommending Marketing Comet. It’s a great read full genuinely useful hints and ideas, all written with humility, humour and style. If this was the only marketing blog out there, this blogging world would be a better place.

Last off, I’m in a writing frame of mind. While I’m going to stay off working on the novel until the 1st November, expect a leetle short story about Turman later today.

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