2005-10-26 Writing:

I was going to write a long post tonight but I’m too incensed to care. There’s a short post over at Partisan:HomePage if you want to know what’s got me so angry.

Instead, I’ll just cross-post from a comment I’ve posted over at The Blurred Line Blog. Cavan is talking about writing about what you enjoy.

I said:

There is a rider to this, of course, and that is to find out what you do enjoy. It’s all too easy to fall into a pattern of reading the same ol’ type of books without broadening your horizons. Tastes change, and those sci-fi books from your teens that you’re still reading might be good comfort reading fodder now – but it might some as a pleasant surprise if you pick up a historical novel and enjoy if more. And vice versa, of course – coming to sci-fi later in life can bring a fresh, more worldly wise perspective to the genre.
Also, broadening your reading style preferences means you can look at defining your own genre to carve your own market. Sci-fi + historical = Gladiator in Space. There’s a thought. Write what you enjoy, especially if it is cross-genre. Other people might like it too.
After all, who’d have thought that Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books could mix with Fantasy to create the most widely read modern children’s books of all time?

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