2005-10-23 Writing: Part of my ongoing attempt to turn a [http://www.rsingermanson.com/html/the_snowflake.html . . .

Part of my ongoing attempt to turn a snowflake into a novel. Click on the Writing link at the top of the page for more details.

Name: Inspector Joanna Kane

One sentence summary: Kane is a rising star in the police force – black, female and out to make a name for herself.

Motivation: Stay in the good books with her superiors, balance homelife without compromising her duties. For Kane, the police comes first.

Goal: Her quest to find the killers takes her outside Turman’s influence for just long enough to discover that he is much more involved than he is letting on.

Conflict: She’s got everything going for her – bold, assertive, intelligent, attractive. It’s almost a shame to kill her off.

Epiphany: Comes to a sticky end.

Storyline: Kane is one fo the newest additions to Turman’s team, and he’s been told to keep an eye on her progress. When she strikes out on her own though, he first tries to warn her to keep by the book. When she ignores his orders and probes a little too closely, the axe falls.

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