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The Snowflake Method for Writing a Novel is something that’s fascinated me for a while. I’ve a few reservations as to it’s method, namely that I’m not really sure that a story can knit well if it’s made up of component parts that have grown semi-independently of each other. Despite that though, I’m going to give it a try as I’ve had an idea for a series of novels for a while. I’ll snowflake Book One, just to see what happens.

Today is Day One. Book One.

Working title: Aldwych Street

One sentence summary:
“Aging detective solves seemingly impossible crimes that he commits himself.”

Single paragraph:
The crimes are solved, but who really committed them? Chief Inspector Turman is called on to investigate the curious death of Sarah Furbush, London socialite. As her erratic lifestyle unwinds a trail of loves and deceptions, three more deaths are uncovered leading to a climactic fatal ending. Is this another case closed for Turman, or more blood on his hands?”

Update: I’ve joined the National Novel Writing Month competition, so writing will start in earnest 1st November!

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