HowComeTvIsRubbishNow: This being UK TV, of course. Look, I don't want reality shows. I don't want more than one . . .

This being UK TV, of course.

Look, I don’t want reality shows. I don’t want more than one gardenning/makeover/home buying show. I don’t want the same news repeated 24 hours a day, selectively editing and regurgitating the highlights for my viewing pleasure. I don’t want to be told that something is a comedy because it’s not funny so I couldn’t work it out otherwise.

I want good TV. I want movies, quizzes, the light entertainment shows of yesteryear. I want Doctor Who (yes!) not Big Brother. I want documentaries, music, information, sitcoms.

I don’t want repeats, regurgitated formulaic clones of last months’ hits and rehashes of “winning” ideas.

I don’t think I’m asking for much.

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