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  • 21:19 UTC I cant select ISO 100 on my 40DCan someone help? Every time I try to manually select my ISO setting to 100 on my 40D it goes between Auto and
    200. Is there something that I may be overlooking? Thanks in advance.
  • 18:08 UTC 670 f5.6 vs 640 f5.6Has anybody compared or tested these combos against each other (on 40D):
    300 f4 + 1.4X TC vs 200 f2.8 + 2X TC
    The result would be quite similar focus length and aperture wise
    What about IQ and focusing …
  • 16:14 UTC ETTL-III am trying to determine if the old 380EX is ETTL-II capable. Is there a reason to go with the more
    expensive/newer 420EX or 430EX? I am an amateur who does some sports, nature, architecture, and family….
  • 16:07 UTC EF 70-200MM 2.8 IS NOISE……….I am the proud new owner of the above lens which I am using with my 40D. I’ve just taken the lens out for a test run and it’s great, the only
    thing is it does make a few weird noises! Is this normal? …
  • 15:14 UTC Proud new owner of a 40DHey everyone after MUCH reading, pondering and confusion, I finally purchased a 40D, 60mm f/2.8, 17-85mm,
    70-200mm f/4L USM and other assorted goodies.

    I am having a blast with this camera. I went t…

  • 15:14 UTC Is Canon 70-200 F2.8 L IS USM @ $1425 a good deal?I was looking at buying a second hand canon 70-200 lens for $1425. Assuming it’s in as good condition
    (excellent) as the owner says it is, is it a good deal. I know the cheapest retailer is about $1650,…
  • 14:35 UTC Problem with AF indicatorI have Canon 350D (Rebel XT). I have 7 AF points. I see that the AF incicator lights (Red) and faded and do not glow
    very well. It was not like this earlier when I bought the camera about 2 years ago….
  • 10:44 UTC XSi battery life with long exposures?I am going to be going to Death Valley and I’m planning on doing some very long exposures of star trails. I’m
    thinking half an hour to an hour long exposures. What I am concerned about is how long my b…
  • 09:25 UTC 430ex for someone with off camera flash limited expirienceI’m considering getting a 430ex. I’ve never really used an off camera flash. I want it for fill light for artistic
    photography and also for events like school dances and things like that. I’ll be u…
  • 08:36 UTC Canon Macrolite ML-3 compatibilityHello Everybody,

    Can anyone tell me what cameras this flash is compatible with. Just got my hands on one and while it works on my
    40D and my Elan 7e I get nothing when mounted to my 20D. The 20D has …

  • 06:27 UTC Canon Battery Charger CG-580I just got back from Europe and I had my 5D with me. I have the CG-580 battery charger and had that there with me last year as well. The
    back of the charger says it takes voltage inputs of 100V-240V. …
  • 01:46 UTC Rob Galbraith’s comments on 40DNow apart from the 1D MK III and iDs MK III he has turned his eyes on poor 40D too….

    Q. Would switching to the EOS 40D for sports …


  • 15:12 UTC Nikon buffs up D3 shooting
    Nikon has announced a memory upgrade for its flagship D3 DSLR. The service, which is already available, will increase the continuous shooting buffer from 16 to 36 shots for those people shooting 14-bit lossless NEF raw files. In most filetype/compression permutations, users can expect to see around a doubling of shooting buffer. Owners wishing to upgrade are advised to contact their local service center. The price will be £300+VAT in the UK, and $500+tax in the USA.
  • 11:21 UTC Pentax Optio E60
    Pentax has announced the Optio E60 digital compact camera. This entry-level model comes with a 10.1 megapixels sensor and sports a 3x zoom lens (32-96mm, 35mm equivalent). It uses widely available AA batteries and should therefore appeal to those amongst us who tend to leave their battery chargers at home when going on holidays.
  • 11:21 UTC Pentax launches Optio M60
    Pentax has launched the Optio M60, a 10 megapixel compact camera with a 5x optical zoom. It’s got all the features you’d expect, including revised face detection technology that can locate the faces of the best part of a coach-party. The lens covers a range equivalent to 36mm – 180mm, so lacks any wide angle. The camera does offer an Auto Picture mode that automatically selects the scene mode it thinks most relevant for the shot being taken, helping to make the most of 8 of its scene modes.

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