2005-07-17 thoughts of war part II: CroXie asked in [http://croxie.swedishlink.com/?p=281#comments her blog]: : And where were the US . . .

CroXie asked in her blog:

And where were the US during the 60’s and 70’s when we had this huge wave of terrorism here in England, but also in other places in Europe?

Funding those terrorists, that’s where the US was. They helped fund the IRA in Northern Ireland. They put Bin Laden into power as a buffer state against the USSR, they trained and armed Sadam Hussain. Right now, they fund and encourage Israel in it’s terrorist attacks against it’s neighbours.

The war against terror ™ would stop if the US stopped causing it and funding it. Terrorist acts cannot be stopped by “cutting of support to families” – though it’s questionable whether the US ever gave any aid to those families in the first place.

Terrorism cannot be stopped by giving the people a reason to hate you.

Terrorism can only be stopped by not selling arms and equipment outside your own country, by accepting religious differences and acknowledging different forms of government. Look inside yourself. US so-called democrary ain’t that great anyway.

Heck, the terrorists might just have a point too – even though I abhor their methods. The US is the largest overconsumer and abuser of the planet, after all. Terrorism and anti-US sentiment won’t go away until that changes.

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