2005-07-16 sequels: Gladiator is getting a [http://www.thezreview.co.uk/comingsoon/g/gladiator2.shtm sequel]. That's . . .

Gladiator is getting a sequel. That’s pretty old news, but it’s depressing notheless. Why in the name of all that’s holy must a movie that’s successful, brilliantly made and terrific in it;s own right have to cheapened in this way?

Sequels come in two forms:

  • The planned sequel
  • The unplanned disaster

Planned sequels are good. Think Star Wars, Lotd of the Rings, etc. The public know what to expect, know there’s going to be a window for the future to climb through, and a sequel is intrinsic to the plot. It take the sequel from being “another movie” to being a continuance of the tale. A larger movie in 2 or more parts. That works, and when done admirable, works very well.

Unplanned sequels, however, are a completely different fish. In the whole history of movie making, I’d guess there have been less than 10 great sequels. That’s out of the countless thousands of sequels there have been. Think Ghostbusters 2 bad. c’mon, haven’t these film companies learnt anything? Sequels just serve to cheapen and weaken the original movie.

Yes, it’s a money making factory. Yes, it’s purely and entirely for the cash. Yes, it’s a scam that shows Hollywood in it’s true light as nothing more than a production line.

Yes, I’ll probably still go to watch Gladiator 2.

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