2005-07-08 Who planted the bombs: So, the question remains (and is open for vote over at [http://changeit.artfinity.co.uk/ Change . . .

So, the question remains (and is open for vote over at Change it!) as to who really did plant the bombs in London.

Of course, different sources will claim the responsibility and the glory. It’s possible some of those who’ve already spoken up may be the real culprits. Frankly, I doubt it. It’s likely that the source may have been angered Islamic people, linked or not to the Al Qaeda organisation. I don’t know. It sounds likely, but sometimes I lay in bed and wonder if “Al Qaeda” is just being used as a label, a tagline to promote fear, just as the words “Jew” in ‘30s Germany, “Communist” in ‘50s America and “Paedophile” in the modern UK create fear and terror in the great unknowing masses. Ask the average Joe to stop and think for a moment about all they know about “Al Qaeda” and the answer will be roughly zero.

It’s a name, a label, a set of words that’s been bandied about with little or no reason. We have vague information from governments and the media that Al Qaeda are the Bad Guys, and for the TV viewing, Big Brother watching, Pop Idol adoring masses, that’s enough. We want to know who’s the Good Guys and who’s the Bad Guys, and that’s that.

I don’t know more than anyone else. I’m as much in the dark as everyone. Our governments and media tell us nothing but what they want us to know. We don’t live in a free land, or in an open society, or in some kind of promised land. Bloody Sunday and the Falkland’s War prove that, if proof were needed.

I do know one thing, though; we live in a world of wildly unequal halves, where the G8 represent the ‘Haves’ and the rest of the world – Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc – are the ‘Have nots’. That inequality is not fair, and our current leaders will do NOTHING at all to change that, for all their fine words. The US, the greatest consumer and most evil, corrupt over-abuser the world has ever known, will never give one single solid cent to the rest of the world without expecting something back in return. Bush has said as much – he wants trade agreements with Africa, wants them to buy new technology from the US to ‘save themselves’, to give to the already obscenely greedy US to get just a tiny little bit back of what should be rightfully theirs.

Here’s a thought.

If everyone in the US and Europe gave 1/10th of their income to an organisation like Oxfam every month, with no expectation of anything in return, the world would be a better place.

If governments stopped limited trade to Africa and instead created and Open World Market, if the US stopped meddling and controlling the future of governments for their own ends, if arms trade were universally banned, the world would be Heaven.

There would be no need for bombs, and no more need for senseless deaths.

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