2005-07-03: I've been hacked, apparently. Ho hum. Still looking for that Sutton Speedwords article, I hopped . . .

I’ve been hacked, apparently. Ho hum.

Still looking for that Dutton Speedwords article, I hopped over to my little used account over at http://frassle.net to be greeted with this message:


Greywulf has just been totally 0wn3d! Ph33r me for I am a God!

Hello, Greywulf isn’t here right now because he was just 0wn3d! Those dodgeit.com email accounts really are insecure man. Also, you are lucky I found this instead of someone else, if this was someone not as nice as me then your stuff would really be screwed up, I haven’t changed anything important. I’m just pointing out you huge security hole.

To which, I reply:


:There’s only one hole here, and that’s your asshole, asshole. I use dodgeit because I don’t buy into this whole security myth. You own nothing (including, it seems, a good dictionary). You’re not clever, you’ve not hacked anything, you’re not original or cunning or witty or even remotely worth the air that you breath.

:Let me explain.

:If I want something to be secure, I don’t put it online. Period.

:So, anything that is online is the stuff that I don’t mind if it gets copied, mangled, thrown around and generally mangled. Heck, my own homepage is a wiki fer chrissakes. I value it in as much as I’ve put time and effort into actually creating something, but if it get “hacked” or whatever, I won’t lose any sleep. It’ll just mean that my faith in humanity has gone down a notch or two, and I’ll step back to a previous revision of the hacked pages until the juvenile gets bored and goes away. Simple, really.

:Passwords are a myth. They don’t make anything secure, so why use them. I like dodgeit because I can grab my mail from an rss feed. I can create random new mail addresses on a whim, then forget them just as quickly. Spam doesn’t matter a jot.

:So, mr know nothing hacker. Which is lame. It. Or you.

Will these people never learn………..

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