2005-07-01 Links Writes: : Dear Mary (if that is your name), I bet you'll be pretty surprised to hear from me. It really . . .

Dear Mary (if that is your name),
I bet you’ll be pretty surprised to hear from me. It really is me, by the way, although I have to confess at the moment only can I not seem to keep your name straight in my head, Laura? Susie? Odile? but I seem to have forgotten my own name. I plan to keep trying different combinations: Joe loves Lola, Willy loves Suki, Henry loves you, sweetie, Georgia?, honeypie, darling. Do any of these seem right to you?
All last week I felt like something was going to happen, a sort of bees and ants feeling. Something was going to happen. I taught my classes and came home and went to bed, all week waiting for the thing that was going to happen, and then on Friday I died.

So begins on of the best collections of modern fantasy/horror/fairy stories I’ve read for a long, long time. Original, sassy, clever (but not pretentious), beautifully drawn and handcrafted for your enjoyment.

And best of all, you can get them for free now, too.

To celebrate the release of her next collection, Kelly Link has released her first collection under the Creative Commons license.

Peter Straub calls her the future of modern horror. Combine that with the future of modern publishing, and it’s a sure fire winner. Thanks, BoingBoing, for the link, and to Kelly for being just brilliant.

Get Stranger Things Happen, and enjoy.

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