2005-06-25 A Day Where: Today has been a day where I….. * had had to go into work, though didn't want to for reasons too . . .

Today has been a day where I…..

  • had had to go into work, though didn’t want to for reasons too (office) political to go into here
  • discovered that I’m sat in a car with the only person on the planet who’s never heard of Thunderbirds, Stingray or Captain Scarlet
  • enjoyed shopping at Tesco’s. It might have it’s detractors (usually borne from jealousy), but I like Tesco’s. It’s happy shopping for happy people. Norrison’s, now that is a store for the clinically despressed
  • really, really miss my beloved camera. I want it repaired and back where it belongs!
  • keep reminding myself that I’ve got to take a picture for Odin’s Birthday Party
  • really don’t care about the recording industry and how much they’re being crippled by piracy, etc. Over on Retro Gamer you can buy a t-shirt with the 1980s logo saying “Home Taping Is Killing Gaming”. I want one for the deep irony. Gaming is still here, home taping has gone :) Piracy kills nothing.


Today is a day of ups and downs. Right now, it’s an up.

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