Top Ten Linux

Here’s a list of 10 programmes that every single Linux system should have installed.

  1. e3 – the tiniest and most efficient text editor out there. While I use and abuse vim, e3 is always there in case I really foul up the system. Because it’s compiled using nasm, it’s standalone too, so that time when I… ahem…. wiped /lib by accident, e3 still ran and helped my recover the system. Now, it’s one of the first things I install on a bare system.
  2. nasm – simple the best and most efficient assembler out there. If you’re a serious hercore coder junky dood ™, then you really, really need to know this.
  3. jail – one of the cleverest pieces of code around. It creates a chroot jail inside your own system, effecively creating a system-within-a-system which gives you a protected environment in which to work on potentially unstable or damaging code. If you’ve ever had to disassemble a virus, you’ll know just how essential this baby is
  4. perl – c’mon, you’re not really using a Linux system unless you’ve got perl in there somewhere, but it’s just sooooooo essential and so much a part of Linux that I’d be seriously wrong to miss it out!
  5. OddMuse – Every single Linux box on the planet needs a wiki, and this is far and away the best there is. After all it’s what you’re looking at now :)surfraw – provides direct command line access to all the important bits of the internet. Enough said!
  6. Opera and
  7. Firefox – both browsers are the best of breed, and I guess that which one you choose really comes down to personal taste. I favour firefox right now, but in a month’s time, ask me again and I’m bound to have changed my mind. Both are 1000 times better than IE at so many levels that there’s no comparison with Window’s default browser. Mind you, Konqueror in KDE is pretty nifty too. Linux just has the best set of choices, and that’s all there is to it!
  8. Links – Sometimes though, all you want is the text, just the text and nothing but the text. Sometimes, browsing is for WorkStuff?, not for eye candy, and it’s times like that when I prefer a good text-mode browser. Links is one such beast, though Elinks and w3m have their fans and uses too. I tend to chop and change with regularity and requirements, but Links is small, fast, stable and probably already installed for your use anyways.
  9. VisualBoyAdvance – Come on, admit it – the ability to play any Gameboy and Gameboy Advance game, full screen?! Who can’t resist that. Sonic, megaman, Final Fantasy in all it’s incarnations, and any of these hits …. not me, that’s for sure :)
  10. VICE – same again. An untapped wealth of Commodore 64 games from the era when great games mean great gameplay, not great graphics. Elite and anything by Jeff Minter tops the charts for this one.

See this page for another (equally valid!) point of view.

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