The wheel keeps on turning

So, we have a new home, I have a new ‘puter (as rescued from the skip at work), and Croxie has a genuine chance of making a go of the business. Oh, and we’ve ordered a phone line and should hopefully be once more broadband enabled again. At the risk of temping fate, life is good right now.

The new home is about three times the size of our previous hobbit hole and we can now actually both move around at the same time without bumping into each other. Which is good as it means that when we do bump into each other, it’s on purpose :)

The ‘puter is a 1.2Ghz AMD Athlon with a 40Gb hard drive. I’ve bumped the memory up to a reasonable (by my standards, anywa) 256Mb and added in a DVD drive. It’s an all-Linux box that is going to be my main computer and the file server for our network. I’m going to put Croxie’s 80Gb of storage into there and probably retire my XP box further down the line.

Last week, I picked up a cope of Retro Gamer magazine, and that was a mistake. It’s put my right back to the feeling I had as a teenager, playing Commodore 64 games, every one a magical escapist trip away from what was a very painful reality at the time. I yearn for single colour sprites, Jeff Minter gameplay and Ron Hubbard pounding soundtracks from teeny tiny speakers. A time when the games (and role-playing in hand) were my escape from grief and loss – a virtual much needed comfort blanket. Sometimes, the strangest things bring back the oddest memories – from a smell or a texture, to even a humble magazine.

I’m still going to play those games, and relive the moment. It might bring back the grief, but it’ll also be a much needed trip down memory lane.

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