So, here I am once more

Sat in the library, Croxie beside me and it’s a beautiful day outside. We’ve a whole raft of stoof to do today – hunting for empty shopspace, pricing up prints, MeadowHell, finding a local Staples or Office Depot, then back home at some point so I can place with a couple of nice shiny old desktop machines I’ve rescued from the skip at work. One will gain Linux, the other will probably end up in storage until I or Croxie need it. We’ll see.

Meantime, I’m back using del.icio.us, the amazingly perfect bookmark manager to keep a record of all those links wot I like, so there should hopefully be fewer blog post with just links on than there have been before.

I’m reading and rereading my gaming books, and my mind is whirling with game possibilities. Also, I’ve been looking at miniatures rules too. I’d love to play a game, but most of the rules either seem too unwieldly, too broken or just don’t have the magic for me. That’s why I love the One Page Fantasy Skirmish rules so much. I’ll write more about those on my RpgNotes page though.

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