Ten buys for £1 that will change your photography

Poundland is a great store that contains a whole raft of items that aid a photographer, all for just £1. Here’s my top ten:

  • Bean bag toy. I got a bean bag tiger. Useful as a camera rest one an open car window, on top of uneven stone walls or one wet grass. It’s also very useful when photographing children – stick a toy tiger on your head and any child is guaranteed to laugh!
  • Jeweller’s screwdrivers. For those essential loose screw moments.
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Pens of all colours – perfect to keep in the camera bag, but they also make great macro subjects in the own right
  • Household items of all varieties – forks, paper plates, cloth bags, pegs – all more macro and stuio shoot fodder for those rainy days
  • Disposable camera. Handy for passing on to children or keeping in the car for trips to the beach or other areas where you wouldn’t readily trust your regular camera
  • Film! Yes, real film for £1. Buy lots and lots for that price
  • Processing. After you’ve bought the film, poundland offer mailer envelopes and processing for £1 too. That’s 24 shots taken and mailed to your door. Can’t be bad.


  • Coffee and
  • Biscuits

To relax as you sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work!

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