A WikiBlog is a combination of two basic internet tools –

  • A Blog, or weblog, which is a means for individuals (or, less commonly, a small group of like minded people) to maintain an online journal where the posts are presented most-recent first, and readers are encouraged to comment on the thoughts and ruminations of the poster
  • A wiki, (Hawaiian for ‘quick’), which is a way for anyone at all to post, contribute and add to the content in a very free and open manner. Revision Control maintains a sense of control, and the freedom for anyone to edit means that any abuse of the wiki is quickly removed. Wikipedia is the most well known and well respected wiki around.

Combining both fixes a number of limitations in both formats. Firstly, Blogs tend to be linear in nature – the posts are in date order, with little more than a rudimentary category structure in the background. Wikis, on the other hand, can sometimes be too chaotic in nature, and can be very intimidating for the firsttime user. A WikiBlog provides the accessibility of the Blog, but with the openness and organic nature of the wiki.

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