On thoughts about changes

This WikiBlog has existed, in a variety of guises, for a long time now. My first regularly updated blog was called Deeper Than The Soul, which was one of the first ones to go up on Blogger. I updated it with sporadic regularity, and contained thoughts and ideas centred around role-playing, programming and other assorted geeky efferema.

In moving away from Blogger, I recognised the need to actually own the thoughts I’d laid down, to know that my words were on my servers, and belonged to me alone, not to some unknown entity out there in cyberland. I’ve had (and still have, though only really as a test blog) a WordPress blog, and for the longest of times, I used the fantastically efficient and minimal Project Steve Guttenburg, a relatively unknown and therefore spamfree blogging engine. If I were to want a blog, and only a blog, that’s the one I’d use, even now. I have various lesser projects that still use it – though note the images are broken up there, because Flickr moved ’em. I’ll fix it, one day.

From there, the wikiworld called me. I like that pages can be much more than just entries in date order, that I can GoOffAtaTangent and just create pages and side-notes and sub-thoughts on the fly. I like that I (or anyone else) can go back, edit, refine, revise. It’s evolutionary internet, and brings the net so much back to the core philosophy or the guys over at DARPA who started this whole net bandwagon rolling.

It’s with this in mind that I’m going to de-protect these pages. Open them up, throw this wiki and the contents therein out to the world. Edit. Change. Modify. Contribute. I’m going to post, and I encourage you to do so too – whoever you are.

Just remember – spammers WILL NOT be tolerated. You are internet rapists of the highest order and so not even deserve the blood that flows through your cold fetid body. Any such abuse will be removed and passed over to any authority who gives a damn about such things.

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