Another doll, another dalliah

So, here were are once more, or so sang Marillion. I’m fighting a war with spammers on blogs and even on GreyWulfDotNet? now! Sheesh. At least this is where wikis REALLY come into their own and it’s trivially simple to roll back any changes. Just a silly waste of time, really.

What I’d REALLY like to see is decent, enforceable legislation against spammers. There doesn’t need to be any new laws passed – just the will to enforce the ones that they are already breaking, like fraud, theft, deception, criminal misuse, and a whole raft of others that any half-decent lawyer could push through.

The problem is that spamming is a victimless crime – or, more accurately, everyone is a victim, so it comes so far full circle it’s hardly worth the distinction. We are all affected by what spammers to – it’s out collective bandwidth that spammers chew up, our collective work and leisure time that we waste deleting and correcting what they do. I’m bundling the whole wiki/blog abuse, mail spam and popup ads thing in here, though I admit I don’t mind the popups so much. Most half-decent browsers can block them anyway (so not even the bandwidth is lost), and it’s our choice whether or not to go to those sites.

But when it’s MY inbox, and OUR websites that are compromised, I take it very, very personally indeed.

Spammers, go to hell.

Rant over. Thank you for listenning.

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