The internet is the same as it was yesterday

Either someone restored the wrong backup, or nothing has changed. In the first recorded case of ‘same ol same ol’ syndrome for years, there’s no new news, no new blogs, no new funstuff since I hopped online and took a peek around lunchtime yesterday.

Come on, people, I’m stuck in the online equivalent of Groundhog Day (which was on TV a few nights ago, cracking movie, that). At least tomorrow, this post will be up.

If it isn’t, I’ll be really really scared…..

Meantime, some non-Net news:

I’ve picked up a medium-format Lomo Lubitel 166 twin-lens camera. It’s lovely, in perfect condition and I’m looking forward to taking some 6×6 sized funkiness over the next few weeks. Playing with the settings on my wonderfully hacked Canon 300D too – trying out shots with a sharp-but muted colours look that I rather like.

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