Did you know?

  • I haven’t set up a new wiki in, oh, about eight weeks now. I’m getting withdrawal syndrome
  • Wikis are the best tools for web creation. Ever. Period
  • Wikis make better blogs than blogs do. Categories? Jumping into RandomTrainsOfThought, openness, comments, RecentChanges, blah, etc, blah. yumminess
  • And you can hide all of the intimidating wikiness too, if you want to
  • Oh, and OddMuse is simply the best there is

Meantime, after all that WikiRaving?, I’m also thinking about photography right now – a lot. I want to improve the quality of my shots. I know I’ve got it in my to raise the bar yet more. Some of my best shots are over at Flickr, some over in My sadly incomplete image-a-day gallery and the old ones still live in Gallarrhea (which is also imcomplete following a server move that I’ve yet to finish). So much to do, so little bandwidth.

Back to wikis – GreyCom is best accessed via this link; gisol (who I hated for such a long time, the bruises are still there) doesn’t seem to like my .htaccess file for wiki rerouting. Another thing to take a look at one day.

And back to photography. Did I mention how brilliant the 300D is. I’ll write a review this weekend.

PhotoOfTheDay: Stoffel
BookOfTheDay: The Watchmen
BlogpostOfTheDay: Friendship

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