I am mine but belong to everyone – except you

Look, Mr xadsjt-a.offerompimizer.com, this site is mine. I believe in openness though, and will welcome contributions, posts, anything from anyone. I don’t believe in passwords or fake-crap security or anything like that. If I want to keep something secure, I don’t put in on a computer. Period. So, that means that I don’t mind at all who or what uses this site – or pretty much any other site I happen to put online.

I believe on online collaboration, sum-is-greater-than-the-parts. I believe that more people the better, and all that lovely collaborative goodness can take a site in new, wonderful and unexpected directions. I believe the all systems should be open, or not online at all.

I believe in all that stuff.

But I don’t believe in you.

Spammers, abusers by any other name do not, and never will, deserve a place online or in any sensible community. Humanity is NOT a parasitic race. You though are the parasites who do your damndest to leech you way into every area of society. From junk mail to advertising to internet use to email. Imprisonment isn’t enough. People who believe that unsolicited ANYTHING is socially and morally acceptable need – nay, deserve – a lobotomy from the feet up.

Do not abuse or you will destroy or be destroyed yourself.

In other words – get the heck off my site. NOW. You are not welcome anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

There. Rant over. Thank you for listenning.

On to nicer things.

http://www.flickr.com just gets better by the minute. It’s lovely, terrific, friendly, open, enticing and – what’s more – astonishingly addictive. Tagging it up suggests new and exciting ways to browse and manage your tags, and I’ve added a number of flickr-related goodness to my Delicious feed – see the top of the HomePage for details.

Oh, and Helen likes Sims2. So it must be good. She’s a woman with fine taste.

This weekend is dedicated to CroXie. I’m here for her, I love her completely and I’m glad she’s alive. Just so you know.

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