1. Milk powder. Because you WILL run out of milk. A lot
  2. Clearasil double action pads. The best facewash, ever
  3. Map. Like, doh!
  4. Playing cards. I’ll write up my family’s rules for Funny Rummy one day
  5. IPAQ. For too many reasons to list – note taking, addresses, games (Morph Gear rules!), maps, etc
  6. PS-One with screen. £70 for a CD player and games console and the games cost around £3-£6 pouns each now so it doesn’t matter too much if they get sat on or broken. I’m playing Final Fanstasy VIIIXIIIMCMIII (or something) right now, and it’s triff….
  7. 2x 5 litre water bottles. For refilling the water tank, toilet, etc. Not too heavy to lift, but big enough to make the trips worthwhile
  8. A hosepipe. So you don’t need to use the water bottles too often!
  9. Digital Radio. Get one. Now. You won’t regret it, I promise
  10. Electric heater. It’s getting colder each and every day. The motorhome is a damned site warmer than the dar at night, and is pretty cosy in it’s own way, but you sure need a good heater. B&Q sell a great one for about £15.

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