Still here, still alive, still at the library.

Workwise, it looks like I might end up being a PermanentPerson as opposed to just being a TemporaryGuy, which is nice. It means just that little tiny shred of stability in an otherwise currently unstable world. It’s something we’re both yearning for right now, I guess.

Meantime, we’re listenning to a LOT of Classic Gold on the radio. It might sound like a brand of coffee, but it’s a damned good digital-only radio station that seems to play only tracks from our CD collections. Kinda like putting all your mp3s on the worlds largest ipod and hitting Shuffle. Only without the effort or expense. Nice.

Also, between driving, worrying about money, work and the love of a wonderful woman, I’m juggling seeing the boys, keeping the two other women in my life from biting chunks out of me and reading lots of old RolePlaying? books. Wonderful.

And I’ve just started re-listenning to the BBC radio verion of the Fellowship of the Ring on Audio CD. This is officially the second best way to relax before falling asleep. I’ll leave you to guess the first best way.

Oh, and here’s a list: TenEssentailThingsToKeepInaMotorhome.

So there.

PS: Blogpost of the Day is http://allied.blogspot.com/2004/10/chuck-e-cheese-shoe-analysis-historic.html. Go there. Wonderful stuff.

PPS: Downloadable printable Star Wars masks. Coolness rating: 12

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