Around the net in 60 minutes

My library blogging for today:

  • Removed the SimpleChanges plugin from this site cos it doesn’t work
  • Checked mail. Removed spam. Nothing left
  • Visited www.flickr.com. Read their blog. Coba’s Portraits stream is linked from there, and is a great reference set for how to take great portraits. He’s got real photographic talent for poses and lighting. Nice. As is The Colors of Decay, which is forgiven for spelling Colour wrong simply because the photos are so wonderful
  • Over to http://greywulf.biz/wiki (mine and CroXie‘s shared wiki to read the aggregated news and blog pages in the sidebar over there. I love the way we’ve put that site together. I do I do
  • Read Helen. She’s back, the holiday was good. I’m glad.

24 minutes to go!

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