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I’ve done a lot of surfing today, roaming around http://del.icio.us, seeking ways to get GMail and Rss to play together (short answer: there is a way but it relies on PHP being built with curl support. That’s not available on my webhost. Shame). Surfing for surf’s sake while a load of files restored-then-backed up again on the now-live server.

One comment stood in my mind, and I’ve not a clue which page I saw it. Not using tabbed browsing is like borrowing a library book a page at a time. Ok, it’s not strictly true, but it’s a good enough analogy to stick in my mind for more than 10 minutes. That’s quite an achievement right now.

I use FireFox. I love tabbed browsing, and have done ever since I made the original switch to Opera from the oh-so-horrible early versions of Mozilla. When text browsing (that’s where the Real Work is done!), I use Elinks, which also supports tabbed browsing par excellence.

Usually though, I have the same set of tabs open all the time – the pages I use, refresh with any degree of frequency + perhaps two or three others containing whatever I’m focussing on at the time. Once upon a time, I’d have easily over 30 tabs open. Now it’s down to just 9 – the rest of the sites being relegated or perhaps promoted) to RSS feeds using the superb Snownews RSS Reader. 42 sites all in one window. News at the touch of a button. It’s how the web should be. Perfect. But, I digress.

Now, I’d like those 9 tabs I’ve got open to drop down to just 3 or 4. I’d like all the rest to just be RSS feeds too. Here’s what’s open right now:

  • http://del.icio.us. OK, it is an RSS feed – and a damned good one at that. But having it open as a web page too provides a perfect surfing jumping off point when I feel the need to roam around the ‘net and see what other folks think is cool.
  • ENWorld. Quite simply the best RPG site out there. No RSS feed that works though. Grrrrrr.. In a way, I can understand that – most sites live or die by their advertising revenue and EN World is no exception. RSS is terse. There’s little room for advertising in there, and I suspect people wouldn’t like to recieve ads via RSS; or would they….hmmmm……
  • My webmail. I love SquirrelMail. I don’t want another app just to read mail. Webmail, for me, works. That tab interchanges with GMail. I’d love to just be able to see any updates to my GMail via RSS. No PHP+curl on the server (or on our backup server either), no can do though.
  • http://greycom.biz/wiki. Our shared blog. Open so I can see what CroXie is up to and post whenever the whim takes me. I tend to keep http://croxie.swedishlink.com open too for the same reason.
  • Ths week’s UK TV. The best UK TV gude out there. Brilliant. I’d love this as RSS :)
  • http://www.oddmuse.org. I refer to OddMuse‘s documentation it’s well worth the real estate it takes. Yups, there’s an RSS feed for the changes and I watch those closely too.
  • http://greycom.biz/cgi-bin/s/w.cgi/HomePage is my SigWiki? micro blog. Lightning fast and perfect or those WebNote? style posts, jottings and draft posts before they get ditched or put on live.
  • http://home.greywulf.uk.to/lair. This site (of course!) So I can see what I’m up to as well :)
  • I’ll usually be somewhere in http://www.flickr.com too, posting pics, looking at what’s new, etc. Flickr’s RSS support is excellent, though unusually the RSS parser within OddMuse itself won’t read it. Strange.

That’s quite a handful, and all but EN World, the TV Guide and my email are accessible through RSS too.

The point of this is this: I want content. I want to see what’s changed and choose whether or not I want to see the whole story or skip right on over. See or skip. See or skip. It’s my choice; with a webpage, that choice is missing. If there’s a news item I’m not interested in seeing – tough. If there’s advertising, I have to see it in the banner (but I block them anyways :) ).

I want the layoutless, contentful RSS option. Every time.

Which is ironic. Lose the layout, the CSS, the so-called advanced layout settings that come with each and every new browser or set of HTML standards. Throw them all into a bin marked “irrelevent” and what to you have left?

The internet as it was designed.

We’re reniventing ourselves. Again.

Doctor, there’s a pulse!

We’re back, thanks to the sterling efforts of the guys at E P Farms?. I’ve lost a few blogposts as a result, but nothing serious. No one died and whatnot. I’m glad to say that all of both mine and CroXie‘s sites made it through the dark nights just fine, and we’ve a new addition to the brood too – Grey Com? is our new joint bloghome; it’s what we’ve been using while E P Farms? have been down, and we’ll continue to use it now we’re back up. LupusGris (Here. Where you are now.) is where I’ll post techstuff, role-playing things, anything that’s mostly of interest to me and geekheads like me; Grey Com? is the place where we’ll post about places we’ve been, things we’ve talked about together, photos we’ve taken, etc.

Grey Com? will be more…um…personal. I’m not usually a great fan of personal blogging. I’d rather talk out of the box than inside it, and don’t tend to share my personal life online. If you want to get to know me, I think, then get to know me. I’m going to relax those rules over there and open up just a touch. But not too much. You internet users are a strange bunch.

Grey Com? is also our backup blog. It’s what we’ve been using while this site and Croxie’s home at [ Awful Souls]? has
been down. If we every need a backup again, that’s where we’ll be.

So, if you want to see what we’ve been up to while E P Farms? have been off air, head over to Grey Com?. Hope you like it.

Pseudofame at last

See the screenshot in this post over at flickr’s blog?

That’s my image, that is – the “original” is over here.

It’s the unexpected little pleasures that are the best.

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