Windows in all it’s incarnations but especially Windows XP. That thing that is the reason why my 400Mhz ancient vintage Linux-running laptop with it’s 6Gb hard drive and 256Mb memory outperforms CroXie‘s 3Ghz 512Mb 60Gb turbo ultra laptop. Though hers does have much better battery life :)

I’m a Linux guy. I expect an operating system to just sit in the background and keep things working, faultlessly, 100% of the time, all the time. I expect it to take very little resources. I want it to be flexible and let me control as much or as little as I want. I expect it to break, but only – and I mean only – when it’s my fault it’s broken. I do not expect it to break for no reason at all. I don’t expect software to “conflict”. I expect the operating system to keep all of the software separate and only interact as and when the operating system says they can interact.

In other words, I expect everything ThatOtherOperatingSystem cannot deliver.

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