Dusted down and unwrapped

So the CSS is all fixed and working fine in IE, Opera, FireFox and Konqueror – take a look at it over at the StyleSheet page – yups, that’s live, inline CSS – cross broswer, web-editted and pulled into every page on the wiki. Yeh, baby!

The aggregated feeds are available on the SideBar? (another inlined page :) ) on the right; the layout of those is likely to change at some point, but the categories will probably remain as they are for now. I’ll add a rpg feed as and when EN World get working RSS feeds. Insert little Grrr here.

Everyone should be able to post comments on any page, but only those with Admin or Editor rights can actually create pages. If you want a (unique) password, mailme.

Still TODO:

Back to normal blog scheduling (-ish) after that.


ReWrite 1, CSS 0

So, a little .htaccess magic later, and http://home.greywulf.uk.to/lair (with or without the trailing /) magically takes folks to the new site, but anything that references http://home.greywulf.uk.to/lair/index.php will still get the old site. This means that all existing GoogleSearches? and links through to existing content will work just fine and dandy. Yum.

Now, I’m arguing with a fricking 2-column css layout that IE likes. Grrrrrrrrrrr……..

Changes, changes

I’m in the process of moving my blog from using the veritable and svelt Project Steve Guttenberg to becoming 100% Oddmuse driven. The reasons for this are many and varied – not least:

  • There’s must more flexibility in a wiki driven system
  • Categories and autolinking
  • Much nicer markup code that straight-ace HTML
  • Inclusion of RSS feeds for inline aggregating
  • Oddmuse rocks!

I’ve still got a few hurdles to leap – pingback, commenting, notifications and the sidebar are in place though, and everything looks all neat and shiny. What I’ve got to work out is exactly how to do the move. There’s three years of google-linked articles up on the old blog, and I don’t really feel the need to shift those out of the way. I’m considering doing a little redirection magic to make http://home.greywulf.uk.to/lair to point directly over to this new home, but still (somehow) provide links through to the old index.php page. We’ll see.

More later.

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